Present Openings are over - Thanks for your Extended support on our Recruitment Process.

Ct : 044 - 48508752  Today for more details. Future Requirements open from October 2018 on wards.,

 Present Project Details.

  • Intelligent based and Advanced Signals Systems - INDIAN RAILWAYS
  • Intelligent based weather prediction systems - ISRO Project
  • Automatic Prepaid Energy Meters - TNEB
  • Advanced Health Care Monitoring Systems - AIIMS
  • Energy Saving Aircraft System - HAL
  • Advanced Missile detecting and Anti Missile Guiding System - DRDO


Work Culture

RFtronics Group of Companies prides itself in having a work culture that is transparent, employee-driven and solutions oriented. Through it's primary Program PCB INTERNSHIP, RFTRONICS management shares the strategy and vision for the company with all employees. This way, the conventional closed-door policy format is overridden by the interactive and engagement driven format. By giving employees the power to be involved in big as well as small strategy decisions, RFTRONICS ensures that the employees are always glued in to what is happening in the company.

This also facilitates the possibility of getting true, honest and constructive FEEDBACK from the employees - a practice that greatly helps improve offerings to clients and the work culture, in general.

Learning & Development

RFtronics Group of Companies, an Employee First organization, is focused on pushing its employees to always better themselves. Thus, by default, RFTRONICS morphs from being a work place to a Learning and Development haven.

To facilitate the above, RFTRONICS has multiple programs which give employees the opportunity to learn, develop and grow.

01 Hardware Design – CIRCUIT / PCB DESIGN through Learning & Development

There is no set formula for success and RFTRONICS takes it upon itself to motivate RFTRONICSians to be on a constant journey of self- discovery. RFTRONICS 's Learning and Development Programs are platforms where employees can not only ideate but learn with a focus on sustainable growth. During FY17,  1000+ unique employees availed various programs for their self-development. Based on internal assessment tools, the knowledge gained by the trained employees was 100%.

02 Domain Skills Training – EMBEDDED & VLSI DESIGN through Research & Development

At RFTRONICS, employees irrespective of gender, job levels and experience have opportunities to develop their skills and discover their potential through the various training programs. In FY17 employees across the world availed various trainings through academies of which 60% were women.

Available Domain To Learn Through Internship ( Eligibility - Only 2018, 2019,2020 Passout Engineers from ECE,EEE,EIE,CIE and Electronics Oriented Branch Only)

1. Basics of Electronics and Components plus Circuits and Simulation
2. Electronics Circuit Design
3. Electronics Circuit Design Simulation
4. Electronics PCB Design
5. Electronics PCB Design Signal Integrity Simulation
6. Embedded System Design
7. VLSI Design
8. Robotics Electronics Circuit Design
9. Hardware System Design.
10.International JOB opportunity through JOB Induction Program as GRADUATE ENGINEERING TRAINEE with Salary* (Candidate must have to work for RFTRONICS a period of min 2 to 3 years in INDIA, the rest in ABROAD JOB at any of our Six locations).
11.JOB :Hardware Design Engineer : need 2 years relevant Experience in Electronics Hardware Design)

* Selection for this Highly Demanded and Highest Salary Internship / Training is purely based on Merits.

Employee Speak

At RFTRONICS, the employees are always motivated to go beyond their usual tasks and work, to embrace newer skills, develop their repository of talents and out-perform themselves in multiple arenas.

Below are some of RFTRONICS 's employees speaking on how working with the company has done them good.

Anjel Anitha  Anjel Anitha from IIT Chennai : Corporate Manager

Very good Place for Internship and Career start for Engineering Freshers. Lot of Good Ladies Hostels nearby with family food available. I request ladies from south and north may avail a short term Training or Internship here at RFTRONICS PVT LTD. Hurry up... Time is Gold... send your resume now.

Komal Vasanthi IISC Bangalore  Komal Vasanthi from IISC Bangalore  - Deputy Manager - (HR Services )

Hi All, At Present am doing Phd in IISC Bangalore and working for RFTRONICS. All credits goes to RFTRONICS only. Very good place for learning research based projects. I advice all Engineers and Students must Join RFTRONICS. Their Head office is in USA and located in six other countries. Chennai is their R&D base. Many IITians like me are getting Project support from RFTRONICS - having 30 yrs of Global Exposure.

Poonguzhali Malarkodi  Poonguzhali Malarkodi  - Process Manager - (Business Services )

Iam from IIT Mumbai student., Completed Internship in RFTRONICS and got placed in JET AIRWAYS with monthly remuneration of 2 lakhs per month bur preferred RFTRONICS. Get in to RFTRONICS and GET Core JOB with lakhs of rupees as salary.

Jasmine Rose  Jasmine Rose  - Group Manager - (Talent Acquisition Group )

Excellent !! 30 years of Global Expertise, Vital Company to our Country. Congrats to become Public LTD Company soon.

Employers Speak


Congrats RFTRONICS., for AI ROBOTICS & NASA Projects.,
We too proud of having good relationship with RFTRONICS on both doing Projects and getting Trained Manpower for our Projects too.


We herewith inform you all that RFTRONICS Products are in Compliance with CE & FCC Class A & Class B Certifications. Ready to Export to All Countries including USA & EUROPE.

Pichai Sundararajan Google CEO  Pichai Sundararajan Google CEO


How are you, It is great to hear that you are doing projects for NASA & AI Robotics. Of course I am remembering those days we spent at IIT during our study. I appreciate your policy that working for mother country INDIA.

Though I am CEO of Google , I am not able to stop fake name fellows postings here, but able to provide their info to concerned authorities and Nasscom to blacklist them for life time unemployment.

Also Request all Candidates - not to consider fake name frauds - ignore and Join world famous RFTRONICS.

Keep it up , meet me at USA whenever you visit USA.

Google will always support you in all aspects.

Pichai Sundarrajan - Google CEO.

Honeywell Technology Solutions HONEYWELL  Honeywell Technology Solutions HONEYWELL

Congrats RFTRONICS - for your Technology Contributions to NASA - USA & AI ROBOTICS - JAPAN.

We invite your support to us either by Trained Manpower or onsite contribution by your Technology experts

Cognizant Technologies Solutions CTS  Cognizant Technologies Solutions CTS

Ofcourse , Latest Technology Giant is RFTRONICS, We have a good relationship with them.,
All the Best RFTRONICS

Tata Consultancy Services TCS  Tata Consultancy Services TCS

First of all we appreciate the Innovative Concern RFTRONICS. We know the Technical Head of RFTRONICS while working with Water purifying project for DANAHER Group at USA. Now they are working for NASA - USA and AI Robotics – JAPAN.

Congrats RFTRONICS., Keep it up

 HCL Technologies  HCL Technologies

Excellent and NICE Career Start in Chennai , We Appreciate RFTRONICS for doing projects at NASA and AI Robotics at JAPAN.

We too proud of RFTRONICs HEAD is former Technical Expert of HCL Technologies. He is a notable Technical Expert among top 10 persons globally , done many complicated projects for USA Clients and continuing the same in RFTRONICS for Govt of USA & Govt of India too.


Excellent Company in the Galaxy - We mean Globally.

Doing Projects for NASA - Mission MARS.


NASA - Wishes RFTRONICS GROUP - Head Office – USA

Also our India Development Centre

Nasscom Member  Nasscom Member

We herewith Inform you all that RFTRONICS is a Prime Member of Nasscom. Based on their Prime Membership, We collected information from google about the persons who posted wrong info - fake name fellows - from the mobile number given to google at the time of creating gmail account, We found their full information from Cyber Crime Police. We took lot of effort to restrict them to get JOBs from our MEMBERS.
We too ready to give a chance to those posted wrong info about RFTRONICS - may remove immediately - We too remove them from our JOB restriction list.

Hope Others kindly do not play with any employers, especially with our registered prime members.

Employers may change their name - but you can't & life time unemployment will be the reward to you.

ISRO Ahmedabad  ISRO Ahmedabad

ISRO Congrats RFTRONICS for doing NASA Projects.,

We too need more Trained Manpower from RFTRONICS.
Please Visit ISRO and support on latest Technologies.


The Best Company to Learn the Latest Technology., Candidates must run and join here

 Placement and Training Officers Association 

Dear All Placement Officers., (All INDIA).

We are from Regd Placement officers Association wide Regn # 112266, New Delhi. Our Members are from NITs, IITs, TOP 10 UNIVERSITIES , TOP 100 Engineering Colleges in INDIA.

Recently We heard about RFTRONICS Chennai and they are doing projects for NASA and AI Robotics using the Latest Technologies. Request Engineering Candidates must approach them and learn the Technology , Get immediate JOB and Reduce unemployment as there are 10 lakhs jobs worldwide in PCB,SCH,VLSI,EMBBEDDED DESIGN Projects.

Placement Officers must allow the student to learn the technology first, then job will be allocated automatically by CORE DESIGN MNC's

Secretary - PATOA

BEL Bharat Electronics Ltd  BEL Bharat Electronics Ltd

Congrats RFTRONICS., Keep it up
Visit our Facility and support Technology and Manpower.

qualcomm processor


 Qualcomm Processor

Congrats RFTRONICS for your best contribution to NASA and AI Robotics.

Your Contribution to Mobile Processor Simulation is inevitable.
All the best - continue your contribution to Technology Manpower.

hrdd WIPRO

hrdd WIPRO

Congrats RFTRONICS.,
Dedicated EDA - Support us EDA on Manpower Globally for our Singapore and USA, JAPAN, UAE Projects.


RFTRONICS efforts in NASA Projects are highly appreciated, if any one from RFTRONICS are warm welcome to Infosys Singapore and USA projects.
Cyan Infotech
Infotech Chairman as well as IT Chairman of AP and Telugana, Request Engineers , First Learn the Technology from RFTRONICS and Come to us , We are ready to take you for our Abroad JOBs.

Flextronics Singapore

We know RFTRONICs head , A Permanent Resident of Singapore, Great Contribution to USA NASA & AI ROBOTICS to JAPAN.
We too Recruit Technical Experts from RFTONICs for our Singapore Plant.
Whoever need Singapore JOB - Please get Trained from RFTRONICS.
Apply Now

There are many exciting career opportunities with RFTRONICS*. To be a part of our robust and growing team, Send your resume to any one of our Email : / (do not send to both the emails).


*We have our Research and Development Office at Corona CA (USA).




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