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Whole world is looking for a Electronics Circuit / PCB - Product Re-Design / Modification Expert - Y Not U - Ct now

​Whole world is looking for a Electronics Product Re-Design / Modification Expert - Y Not U (Covid-19 pandemic caused many component suppliers stopped their support hence many companies are in need of alternate component suppliers and accordingly re-design requirements immediately.)

Designing PCB with less experienced low salaried staff often causes trouble in the testing and delivery stage because of EMI / EMC , DFM / DFA / DFT / DFX issues and certification compliance for export

Please excuse us - it's not a marketing information as Mr.Mathi sir service is limited to very few companies only out of 1000 plus core companies in INDIA who are all in need of the best PCB Design Experts.

Your immediate Attn: Ur reply will help you on a first come first serve basis. Already Sir Saved Crores of money and thus huge profits to many companies. Ct Sir +91 7010359863 or WhatsApp with details.

ABOUT RFTRONICS - A Technology Advanced and Challenged !!

RFTRONICS - REGD in CHENNAI - INDIA - for International / Domestic Design and Development operations.

RFTRONICS - Core Design and Product Development Company Globally..

RFTRONICS, An Globally Recognized Organization.,30 years of Global Experience in Electronics Design Automation, SCH Circuit Design, Signal Integrity analysis,RF HIGH SPEED Design, Embedded Design, VLSI Design and R&D Projects., One of the Fastest growing Core Design Concern, We deals with technically advanced Design and manufacturers of PCB. RFTRONICs concentrates on small, medium to high volume designs of PCB's for Industrial and Automotive especially in Medical Electronics & Defense applications. We have also introduced innovative and new technology oriented process during the year including internal chamfering with control depth routing , using signal integrity towards rigid and semi flex PCB technology, SMT boards meeting DFM/DFT/DFA & IPC standards plus FCC,CE guidelines along with blind and buried via technology is our specialization......Serving the Best & Latest Technology with Innovative Concepts Globally.

Important Note :  RFTRONICS - Registered in CHENNAI - INDIA, We are an Active Member of Anti-corruption Team INDIA - Offenders are Prosecuted as per Law (Civil  / Criminal or Both).  All disputes subject to Chennai Jurisdiction Only.

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  • Intelligent based and Advanced Signals Systems - INDIAN RAILWAYS
  • Intelligent based weather prediction systems - ISRO Project
  • Automatic Prepaid Energy Meters - TNEB
  • Advanced Health Care Monitoring Systems - AIIMS
  • Energy Saving Aircraft System - HAL
  • Advanced Missile detecting and Anti Missile Guiding System - DRDO

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